Certification / Accreditation


Standards such as ISO, HKZ, NIAZ-Qmentum, JCI and NEN7510 are frameworks that should be used as a guideline to improve your organization. But more often than not, the paperwork that comes with establishing whether your organization or department meets the internal or external standards tends to be mind-boggling. At that, standards, regulations and procedures are dynamic in nature, with the result that the question whether you meet the latest requirements becomes a recurrent issue. By simplifying this process, it becomes easy to continuously have your finger on the pulse.

iProva: Improving step by step

The iProva software suite helps you to improve step by step. When integrated, the modules offer you a total solution that supports the complete improvement process. However, the modules can also be used separately to identify the opportunities for improvement, to implement and follow up improvement measures and/or to embed them within your organization.

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