Always one step ahead

we help professionals and organisations excel

Our software helps organisations and their employees to perform better. Our quality & risk management software Zenya makes your work more fun, efficient and safe. And our digital testing software iQualify makes testing easy and fun in a secure environment.

What started as an innovative idea in 1998 has grown into a solid organisation with over 100 passionate experts. We are ambitious, no-nonsense, and we keep our promises. Always. And we like to go the extra mile when it comes to support, service, knowledge and innovation.






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Always one step ahead

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Performance-driven, innovative, intelligent and ambitious

Being a professional, you go for the best result every day. Your customers, clients, patients, staff or students count on your expertise! We understand your challenges and interests. And we help you to deliver work of high and consistent quality. 

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Progress requires experimentation

Innovation moves you forward. And that is exactly what we aim for. Always one step ahead. Always better. But experimenting must not come at the expense of the reliability and continuity of your organisation.

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Software you can rely on

Infoland is the developer of Zenya and iQualify. For our Software as a Service, we use the new technologies of Microsoft Azure. Security and privacy are therefore guaranteed. You can also count on our reliability and availability.

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We are proud of our customers who operate in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, energy, education, laboratories and food:

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We are Infoland

Since 1998, Infoland has been creating intelligent software to help professionals and organisations excel. We do this with great pleasure, dedication, and in an informal environment. The atmosphere is great, and the lines are short. Every day, we work on solutions that help organisations in all industries to guarantee themes such as quality, safety, the environment and people's welfare. We also help organisations to make digital testing fun and easy. We make the difference with our focus on innovation and people - end users ánd employees