A young, highly driven team

with a background of 25 years of experience

We are Infoland!

At Infoland, we develop software with which professionals and organisations can excel. We have been doing this since 1998 with great pleasure and dedication. The culture at Infoland is informal, and the lines are short. Our products help organisations in all industries guarantee quality, safety, the environment and people’s welfare. Additionally, help organisations to make digital testing fun and easy. Our focus lies on innovation and people; end users, and employees. That is how we make a difference. 

This is what we stand for

We keep our promises

We do what we say, and we say what we do. This goes without saying for us, and customers frequently express their appreciation for our sincerity and reliability. 

Enjoying our work

To excel, you have to enjoy your work. And we definitely enjoy working at Infoland. We convey this to the people we work with and for. A crucial key to success. 

Looking beyond the technology

Technology is our backbone, but our focus on people is what makes us unique. We use innovation to achieve our desired result, always putting the end user first. 

There is always room for improvement

Good is never good enough because we believe that to stand still is to go backwards. That is why we don’t settle for what is already here. We strive for what could be. With an eye for the human touch. 

Innovation means risk-taking

Innovation is necessary to realise our ambitions. We are not afraid to take risks and regularly step out of our comfort zone. This way, we continue to surprise our customers. 

Autonomous, independent family business

Infoland is an autonomous and independent family-owned business. With a 25-year history. And with an eye for the human touch. We aim for success, but we don’t solely express it in terms of commercial gain. Money is obviously important, but mainly to ensure our business continuity. To innovate. To satisfy our employees. And to always be able to take it one step further. These values are evident in our company culture.  We are a real family company and very proud of that. 

meeting-zenya Infoland

Choosing certainty

If you opt for our software, you expect certainty. We can offer this with our ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications. With structural data security. And with renowned partnerships. 

Our journey: from graduation project
to a successful company 

1998 Infoland


Converting stacks of manuals for the neonatology department of the Maxima Medisch Centrum in Veldhoven into a smart Document Management System. This graduation project forms the foundation of Infoland. 

2000 Infoland


The continuation of the graduation project results in a successful start-up of two brothers with an incredible passion for technology and software. 

2010 Infoland


Infoland is growing and counts 64 employees in 2010. It is now a leading supplier of software solutions with hundreds of thousand users and three offices in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

2012 Infoland


More than 95% of Dutch hospitals use our software to help professionals work smarter and more efficiently. 

2014 Infoland


Infoland is also becoming increasingly prominent in the corporate sector. Its market share is growing rapidly. 


The founders of Infoland step down and management is placed in the hands of Marieke Kessels (CEO) and Hilbert Leijen (CTO). They combine professional knowledge with technical and operational expertise. 

2021 Infoland


Over 1.5 million professionals in healthcare, manufacturing, laboratories, the food industry and the energy and water industry use our software daily. 

2022 Infoland


Infoland spreads its international wings and establishes agreements with partners in new territories, such as Sweden and the Netherlands Antilles. 

innovatie-aandacht Infoland

Team of specialists

Our software is the work of highly trained and highly motivated professionals: developers, consultants, product owners, marketers, support staff and administrators. We now have a team of over 100 people. And we are still growing. To shape our international ambitions, we are always looking for new colleagues.