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  • May 27, 2024

New AI features in Infoland’s software

Veldhoven, 29 May 2024 - 'Always one step further' is Infoland's slogan. For more than 25 years, together with our customers, we have been ensuring that quality and risk management in their organisations keeps getting better - step by step. Thanks to AI, we can now take a huge step forward. Hilbert Leijen, CTO at Infoland, talks about the new AI developments in our software, Zenya, and how they will contribute to smarter quality and risk management.

In 2023, it was suddenly all about generative AI, such as ChatGPT. In our view, large language models (LLM) offered many new opportunities and possibilities. In September, Hilbert Leijen, CTO at Infoland, gave a webinar about this. This webinar was mainly about what we wanted to develop and the possibilities AI could offer in combination with our software. By now, AI in Zenya is no longer an idea, but a reality. 

Because innovation is in our DNA - 'innovation' is not one of our core values for nothing. At Infoland, we believe that innovation is necessary to realise our ambitions and continue to surprise our customers. The bright minds in our organisation follow technical innovations closely. They are constantly identifying, researching and assessing these innovations. We did this, of course, when generative AI made its appearance.

Test phase AI features

We started the controlled integration of AI into Zenya in 2023, in a test environment. Hilbert: "We did this project together with a number of customers, who tested the technology with their own data and their own practical examples. In this test phase, we focused on areas where AI could clearly add value." The testing phase has now been completed and we are proud to announce that we have brought the first AI features to Zenya. 

"If you look at quality and risk management, you see two main issues: the regulatory burden is constantly increasing and there is a big staff shortage in many organisations. Those two things are colliding continually," Hilbert says. "That means you have to design your quality and risk management smarter. We are convinced that AI can make the difference in that."

Infoland makes software that is all about simplifying searching and finding information. AI should enable professionals to do this with even less effort. Hilbert: "The tasks that need to be done will continue to exist. But how good would it be if you could tick off those tasks in less time and with less effort? We can give Zenya users a bit of superpower with AI."

A huge step forward

Infoland's innovation team has not been idle over the past year. We got to work with our technology partner Microsoft, but above all, we developed the AI applications together with our customers. Customers who dared to start testing our Proof of Concept in their practices. "We started with improving the search experience'' says Hilbert. "But also, for example, with processing audit reports much faster. And we thought about how we can help customers manage risks faster and better."

Hilbert is most proud of the development of information search and retrieval - something we specialise in at Infoland and have been working on for 25 years. "Step by step we are making this better and better. Thanks to large language models (LLM), we have now taken a huge step forward all at once," Hilbert concludes. "I think we have actually just started. Whether it's finding information or giving you a superpower when performing your tasks, AI offers many more possibilities. There are many great things coming!"

Hilbert Leijen, CTO Infoland, over AI-ontwikkelingen Zenya

Hilbert Leijen - CTO, Infoland

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Since 1998, Infoland (Veldhoven, the Netherlands) has been creating smart software solutions that enable professionals and organisations to excel. The software, Zenya, helps organisations in all sectors to secure themes such as quality, safety, risk and continuous improvement. Quick access to relevant information and an enhanced ability to learn from errors or deviations are just some of the benefits for these organisations.

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