Progress re­quires experimen­tation 

but not with reliability and continuity

Innovation is part of our DNA

Organisations that keep their feet firmly on the ground will not make any headway. Progress, therefore, calls for experimentation. For innovation. And that is exactly what is in our DNA. We always aim to move forward. Always better. Always one step ahead. But experimentation should not be at the expense of the reliability and continuity of an organisation. We monitor this closely during the development and improvement of our software. 

experimenteren Infoland

Together we innovate

Innovation is all about cooperation. With our customers, of course, but also with employees and external parties. To acquire new knowledge and insights and to gain inspiration. We offer our employees every opportunity to do so. We also work together with Fontys students and Brainport companies. And during our annual Infoland Innovation Day, it's all about collaboration. 

samenwerken-fontys Infoland

Together with Fontys students and Brainport companies

Under the name Partners in Innovation, Infoland has a partnership with Fontys Hogeschool ICT (FHICT). We work together with other Brainport companies and third and fourth year students in hybrid teams on projects for practice-based ICT research. This does not only produce valuable research results, but also a fresh, new view of our software from students. 

kennis-innovatie-brainstorm Infoland

Together with colleagues at the Infoland Innovation Day

During our annual Innovation Day, all Infoland employees are exempted from work. While keeping an eye on the continuity of our services, of course. In 24 hours, we work from an abstract idea to a concrete (end) product. The ultimate combination of innovation and team spirit! Not only technicians are involved, but as many disciplines as possible. This is how we come up with innovative and practical solutions.  

leren-van-fouten Infoland

Learning from mistakes 

An essential part of our software is that it enables you to learn from mistakes. At Infoland, too, it is an important aspect that contributes to our innovative strength. Our employees are allowed to make mistakes. Not a problem, as long as you learn from it. We have learned that too much focus on technology does not achieve the desired result. It's mainly about what problem we solve. Which process can be more efficient? How we can work more safely? The technology is there to serve these challenges and is never a goal in itself. 

innovatie-aandacht Infoland

Innovation starts with attention 

To achieve innovation, we immerse ourselves in the world of our customers. In doing so, we look beyond our software. We want to know everything about your organisation, challenges and operational processes. To exactly know what is on your mind. We then combine this information with targeted feedback and user experiences. From the Infoland Community, for instance, and with current social and technological developments, such as artificial intelligence. This combination ensures that our innovations are achievable, useful and valuable.