Performance­focused, innovative, smart and ambitious

with joy, a human touch and an open culture

Working together daily 
for the best result

As a professional, you do your best daily to achieve maximum results. Whether you deliver excellent care, make products according to strict requirements, teach inspiring lessons or provide reliable lab results. Your customers, clients, patients, employees or students count on your expertise. At Infoland, we understand your challenges and interests. And we ensure that you can deliver work of high and consistent quality. Every day we work together towards the best result.



When you work with Infoland, you don't just use our software. A motivated team of experts is also at your service. With a rich portfolio of services and technical & business solutions, we provide a smooth and successful implementation, share our knowledge with you and make sure our software connects seamlessly with the other ICT solutions in your organisation.



When you start working with our software, you may encounter questions. In that case, we are there to help you. Our experienced support team is ready to answer your questions and provide practical support to get you up and running again in no time.

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A community 
to be proud of

Our software users can tell you exactly how they experience our products. Think of testimonials, tips & tricks and answers to practical questions. By sharing this, everyone can make the most of our software. This is why we are very proud of the active Infoland Community. Almost 2,500 users know how to find us and each other and provide valuable input, which we also use to improve our software to suit the needs of users better.

Our experts are happy to share best practices with you. You will learn how to set up our software so that you can do it yourself afterwards. And we are always happy to assist, even after implementation.