Powerful software and good service. The key to success.

When you select new software, there’ s a lot on your plate. That is why we see intensive guidance during implementation as a key success factor. An experienced business consultant guarantees a smooth and successful implementation. We guide you in the use of our software and advise you on the configuration options. In this process, you have the convenience of a single point of contact.

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Technical & business solutions

Your organisation is constantly changing. The same applies to our organisation and software. We are always pushing for improvement. Our technical consultants work closely with your IT department to ensure access to our software and the corresponding links for end users. Our business consultants tackle the functional process. Together, we create a realistic planning and a successful implementation.

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We continue to work together

After completion and evaluation of the implementation, one of our account managers will be your point of contact for collaboration. From this point forward, the focus is on functional management and discovering and implementing new applications. We can educate, train and coach people in your organisation. Or, you can decide to outsource functional management to us. You choose.