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Safe, fun and easy testing with iQualify

With iQualify, you easily offer digital assessments and provide valuable, targeted feedback. You also get instant insight into the current knowledge level. Assessments are easily prepared in a secure online management environment. With iQualify, tests become enjoyable and instructive, and students and staff can prepare optimally. The user-friendliness of the platform saves you a lot of time on grading too.

For educational institutions, publishing houses
healthcare and business

It is often thought that only educational institutions use assessment software. But iQualify is also used by learning method publishers, healthcare institutions and companies in the business market. In doing so, they rely on four key advantages:

A secure assessment environment

Learning materials, items and results are securely stored in iQualify. Administrators log in with two-factor authentication. For summative testing, you can choose a Secure Test Environment (STE) to take fraud-preventive tests in a classroom setting.

Make learning enjoyable and informative

The power of interaction and images is unprecedented. With iQualify, you convey knowledge with short videos, pointer questions and other interactive elements. You can also add knowledge flashes based on given answers. This increases the learning effect of questions.

Creating assessments fast and easy

Setting up and administering an assessment works intuitively, conveniently and fast with iQualify. Setting up an assessment takes less than a minute. The built-in automatic check saves time on revision and gives you instant access to the results.

Sharing assessments with others

Easily share assessments and items with colleagues and other organisations. This ensures efficient knowledge sharing. iQualify also supports co-creation within collaborations. Of course within a secure environment.

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What could you do with iQualify?

Within educational institutions, iQualify has more than proven itself. But healthcare institutions and companies also use iQualify to support knowledge transfer, toolbox meetings, in their onboarding phase and, of course, in employee training programmes. An increasing number of organisations deploy iQualify on behalf of their quality (and safety) department. The software scores high on user-friendliness and its approachable nature.

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