Stimulate micro-learning
with powerful e-learning software

Long learning pathways with classical teaching methods are old-fashioned. People want to learn where and when it suits them as efficiently as possible. This method of just-in-time learning is called micro-learning and ensures that you can help your employees to make learning easy. For example, is an employee uncertain about how an action needs to be performed? Or do colleagues regularly receive the same questions because of a lack of knowledge? Most individuals are willing to learn things for themselves through short training sessions. So get started with Infoland’s learn & test solution iQualify! Thanks to small-scale learning interventions, your employees can determine where, when, and what they want to learn. Variations in topics, interactive elements and audio & video materials make learning fun and informative. In addition, the contents of a training or test are automatically adapted to the user’s actions, so the person receives all the required information.

Four advantages according to our customers who will also help you further!

Micro-learning is the future

Long learning processes are outdated. New knowledge needs to be absorbed in a matter of minutes.

Video as

The power of images is infinite. The professional of the future learns new skills through short videos.


Just-in-time learning provides content at the right time as the professional develops.

Device-independent learning

On the bus, on the train, on the sofa and even on the toilet; nowadays people can learn where and whenever they like.

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