Risk management software: change risks into opportunities!

Risk management: organisations are increasingly becoming aware of the fact that this is an ongoing process. The use of prospective risk inventories ensures that your organisation is in control continuously. Smart software, such as the Zenya RISK module, helps in the identification, analysis, control and monitoring of risks. At a glance it is clear what the causes and consequences are, which makes it easy to link measures. As a result, you are able to convert risks into opportunities and take risk management to a higher level, thanks to risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E).

Get a grip on risks with integrated risk management

Identify risks in a systematic manner (at organisational and departmental level) by using risk management software. Reporting, powerful dashboards and heat maps ensure that you have a complete and visual representation of all results from the risk analysis. This will help you to determine strategic follow-up choices and risk profiles. Once the risk areas have been mapped, it is important to link owners to these risks. This offers the best guarantee of successful monitoring of control measures and will ensure that you can limit any damage. As all the data are combined in a clear overview, you can easily perform retrospective analyses. Look back at all your measurements and record improvement actions.

GRC; Easy compliance thanks to clear risk analysis software

All organisations want to comply with legislation and regulations, but the regulatory burden increases every year. How can we ensure an overview and more insight into these challenges regarding governance, risk management and compliance (GRC)? Good software, with GRC tools to map risk analysis, helps you with your approach and improvement processes. The Zenya RISK module links information regarding legislation and regulations with internal information to obtain a clear picture.

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Take the step towards complete risk management. We have over 20 years of experience in the field of risk management in various industries. This allows us to offer the best practices in a non-binding manner, so that you can get started immediately. Use this knowledge to accelerate your implementation project for risk management. You can start working in a smarter and more efficient manner today.

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Four advantages according to our customers who will also help you further!


Simply create an overview of all the risks throughout the organisation.


Determine the financial, social and operational impact.


Take precautionary actions to minimize damage.


Actively monitor the risks and adjust where necessary defining new actions.

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