We are standing by.
Day and night

Our software is easy to use and outages are infrequent. What’s more, our SaaS service is monitored 24/7. Of course, should something happen, we will assist you quickly and professionally. Our experienced colleagues in the support department will do just that. From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., they are at your service and will go to great lengths to provide any support you may need. However, there are even more ways to help.


The Infoland Community provides answers 24/7

As a customer, you can benefit from the Infoland Community, our online user platform for asking questions about our software, consulting support articles and finding training courses. Should you run into any difficulties, chances are you will find answers here. Close to 2,500 active members, including our support colleagues, actively contribute.


Mijn Infoland

On Mijn Infoland, you can submit technical questions and report malfunctions 24/7. You will receive a personal Mijn Infoland page for this purpose. This is also where you will find a dashboard with an overview of all your reports and their status, and other information relevant to you and your organisation.

samenwerken Infoland

We are committed 
to providing quality

When it comes to support, we also aim for quality. This is why we will always ask you for your feedback after a case has been resolved. In 2022, we resolve 99,2% of all calls with a positive rating. But are you still dissatisfied? Send us a message so we can learn from it.