Data processing agreements

sound agreements are important

Security and privacy

We like clear agreements. That is why we strive to conclude a data processing agreement with every organisation that uses our services. Under the new European privacy legislation, also known as GDPR, clients and suppliers are also obliged to enter into data processing agreements that set out agreements on the processing of personal data.

Your organisation has probably already concluded data processing agreements with the suppliers of its primary systems. For Infoland's products and services, privacy sensitivity may seem less obvious at first glance. Nevertheless, our services always involve the processing of personal data too, albeit with lesser risks. For example, we provide (remote) support, Zenya cloud services and - in an increasing number of cases - hosting or SaaS services.

Therefore, we are also happy to enter into a data processing agreement with your organisation.

Such a data processing agreement is a legal document, the content of which must be correct for both parties. Therefore, it can take a lot of time to draw up such a document.

Infoland offers a pre-drafted document for concluding a good data processing agreement without it costing your organisation a lot of time.